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River Programs

The Kosi River at Corbett is nature at its pristine best. The gurgling river is a treat to ones visual and aural senses. The waters are crystal clear and clean and one can see the pebbles n stones in the river bed, as it is shallow. It is fun to cross the river and sit on the huge boulders and click pictures. Even walking on the banks in the mornings and evenings is a wonderful experience, hearing birds chirping and spotting them as they fly past.

Fun in 'Kosi' River
Kosi River is flowing just yards away from the cricket ground. Having fun in the Kosi river is quite safe for most of the time of the year. Masti in crystal clear water of Kosi River is a long remembering experience. Walking along the 'Kosi' banks and dipping feet in cold water after day's exertion will certainly fill the new energy in lungs and heart. Group picnics can be organized in the nearby places along the river side or up the hills.

One can have bath under the natural springs of Sitabani. Special trips are organized for Sitabani and Garjia Temple. Trekking paths are going through the beautiful villages up to the hill springs. All trekking programs are supervised by the experienced guides.Enjoy indoor games like- table tennis, badminton and traditional field games like- 'Kabaddi, Kho-Kho' etc. After the day's play, cool off your heat in the crystal clear water of 'Kosi' river. Feel the cross cultural experience in the hills of Uttarakhand.

Fishing & Angling in Jim Corbett
The fishing and angling is an interesting activity for which fisherman and anglers from all corners of the world come here. The best time for this sport in Jim Corbett is in between October and November and April and June every year. If fishing thrills you and looking for adventure too, visit Jim Corbett and enjoy fish safari.

The area of Corbett national park is surrounded by rivers like Ramganga, Kosi and Sonanadi. These rivers are full of fishes. Angling is one the main attraction of Jim Corbett National Park. Mahseer is available in large number in these rivers.

The Mahseer is a fresh water fish, which is really huge in size, and is considered the best sport fish in the world because angling the Mahseer is a virtual battle of strength, tact and speed. The challenge and thrill of catching mahseer attracts thousands of tourists every year to this park.
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